The objectives of AHC are:

  1. To be a professional Association dealing with consular affairs and international affairs.

  2. To bring together Honorary Consuls in The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region(hereinafter called “HKSAR”) and the Macau Special Administrative Region (hereinafter called “Macau SAR”) that represent various countries from all over the world to share experience, and coordinate efforts to enhance the status and effectiveness of the Consul, the oldest institution serving International bilateral relations.

  3. To educate consular officers in consular practice and law and to inform the general public within HK & Macau SAR concerning the nature and importance of performance of consular duties.

  4. To promote and strengthen mutual understanding between Honorary Consuls and Career Consuls in HK SAR and Macau SAR.

  5. To develop a framework and basis for exchange of current information, ideas and suggestions regarding matters related to the office of Honorary Consuls and Career Consuls.

  6. To promote better understanding of the duties and responsibilities, rights and privileges of Honorary Consuls and Career Consuls.

  7. To affiliate with FICAC (Federation Internationale des Corps et Associations Consulares) a global network of Consular Associations to support and improve the status, legitimacy and effectiveness of all consular officers in all receiving States.

  8. To stimulate and expand trade, cultural bonds and tourism.

  9. To provide information about investment opportunities.

  10. To promote peace amongst nations charity works and technological exchange.

  11. To carry on such other activities as may be deemed practicable in furtherance of the objectives of AHC.

AHC shall abstain from the practice of any discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, color and/or religion.

AHC shall not engage in any illegal and/or immoral activities.

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